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Eat your daily food always Healthy

Yes, 100% the products are prepared in one go with fresh Groundnut oil or Fresh Sunflower oil or Fresh Coconut Oil depending on the Product type.

Yes, All the ingredients used are of very good quality, Procured Fresh from time to time and used up soon for the product preparation…

Because, here at Sahana’s Kitchen we give a traditional Olden day taste of the various products and they are all 100% Home Made Genuine Delicacies… Taste to find out….


Not at all.. We DO NOT use Soda / Cooking / Baking salt in the preparation of any of our products….Instead we devise other healthy options for maintaining our products crispy and Tasty…

No.. The answer is 100% NO…… Instead we use Butter or fresh hot oil as a healthier option for the preparation of our snack items…


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